The Commodity Discovery Fund is an investment fund (‘fonds voor gemene rekening’) based on Dutch law, although its investments are primarily in Canadian-listed mining and exploration companies. The Commodity Discovery Fund is one of only a small number of investment funds in the world that are primarily focused on new natural resources discoveries. Gold, silver, uranium, nickel, coal, gas, oil and rare earth element discoveries add value in the order of billions of dollars annually. We have called this form of investing ‘Discovery Investing”. Investing in mining companies developing natural resources projects can be very profitable. Exploration companies with a significant discovery usually get taken over by larger mining companies aiming to replenish their reserve base, at a premium, often within a few years. We call this investment strategy ‘Discovery Investing’, and has proven itself by an average of one takeover every quarter since our inception.

Especially since the credit crisis, investors have realized that money does not represent value, but rather is merely covered by credit, another word for debt. It is therefore telling that central banks have reversed their policy of systematic gold sales, and have become large buyers of gold.

The Fund was launched on 25 May 2008. On April 12, 2012 the fund changed its name from Gold & Discovery Fund to Commodity Discovery Fund. The minimum initial participation amounts to EUR 25,000, subsequent subscriptions are available from EUR 5,000. Entry and exit is possible on every first day of the month.

Annual participants meeting
Every year we invite our participants to our annual participants meeting and seminar. The Fund’s financial statements are discussed during this meeting. Afterwards, we will organize a seminar where we will discuss relevant new developments. Every month we organize a lunch meeting at the office, which participants are welcome to attend should they so wish.

The Commodity Discovery Fund Management BV was issued a license by the Dutch regulatory authorities, the AFM, on 29th March 2012. On 21st July 2014, this license has been changed into a license pursuant to the “UCITS”-regime, which still applies a minimal initial subscription amount of 25,000 Euros per participant. Subscription and redemption can be done at the first day of every month.