Indicative Value (NAV)
The Indicative value (NAV) of the fund is published twice a week on our website (click on the Performance tab)

Best Research of the Week
Participants receive our weekly bulletin Best Research of the Week, as a special service. We send you interesting articles or reports covering the markets we invest in every week.

Monthly report
Each month we provide a Monthly Report containing a brief overview of the latest developments of the fund. In addition, Circle Partners provides a monthly overview of the current value of your personal investments. The latest monthly report is published on our website, see link.

Quarterly Update
A Quarterly Update is distributed four times a year, providing detailed information on the market conditions. The Quarterly Update is exclusively available for our participants.

Annual participants meeting
Once a year, we invite our participants to our participants meeting and seminar. This year, the meeting took place on April 20, in Bunnik.

We regularly organize online seminars in Dutch in which Willem Middelkoop is presenting. These seminars can be viewed through the following link, click here for the overview. You can also find market related interviews on our YouTube channel.