February 2018 – Change in management
Andor Lips has announced his intention to take on a new opportunity that will add a new perspective to his career, and intends to leave the company in mid-February. Andor’s role will be taken over by the current management consisting of Willem Middelkoop and Terence van der Hout. The AFM has approved the management change.

December 2017 – Asset Class
We have decided to add an asset class to the fund, as of 1st January 2018. Participants who subscribe to a single new shareholding with a subscription amount of at least EUR 1,000,000, will pay a management fee of 1.5% per annum of the Net Asset Value, instead of the current 2%. The concurrent performance fee will become 15%, instead of the standard 20%.

September 2016 – Best performing mining fund in 2016
Morningstar has published a list of the best performing mining funds in 2016. Lo and behold, we occupy the number one spot (article in Dutch).

August 2016 – Registration fee
Due to the favourable development of the fund, we have decided to abolish the registration fee for all new participations and additions until further notice, as of October 1, 2016.

July 2016 – Reduced registration fee
We herewith inform you that the registration fee has been reduced from EUR 45,000 to EUR 25,000. In addition, participants can now purchase/ sell additional participations in increments of EUR 5,000 (instead of EUR 10,000).

May 2016 – Change of directors and shareholders
The change in fund management as announced in April was formalized on Friday, May 6th. Co-founder Edwin Bergshoeff’s roles as fund manager and director are now assumed by Dr. Andor Lips. Andor, holding a PhD in geology and for many years active in the exploration sector, was since 2010 jointly responsible for several debt financings of several tens to hundreds of millions of euros in new mining projects by ING Bank in Amsterdam. In addition, Terence van der Hout also joined the board as director. The role of Willem Middelkoop, as president in the new board and as 50% shareholder of CDM, remains principally unchanged. The AFM has agreed to these changes.