Gross return

The Net Asset Value (NAV), the intrinsic value of the fund, is calculated at the end of every month by our administrator (Circle Partners). This company conducts similar independent administration activities for more than a hundred different investment funds. Besides this, accounting firm Ernst & Young officially reviews our yearly financial statements. Every week we publish a preliminary and therefore unofficial NAV calculation per participation on our website. Furthermore, the fund publishes a monthly report, as well as an elaborate quarterly report with a more detailed market analysis.

Both for the NAV value and the performance of the fund, as well as for the NAV and the return per participation, the returns that are displayed shows the value after deducting the costs and the management fee but before deduction of any performance fee.

Please read the latest Monthly Report here (PDF).

Gross return (indicative)
Gross return per month (%)
Value creation since inception (EUR)
Assets under management/outstanding participations (February 29, 2020)