Dutch regulatory authorities

The Manager, Commodity Discovery Fund Management BV, has been attributed a license by the Dutch regulatory authorities, the AFM, as of 29 March 2012. On 21 July 2014 this license has been changed into a license pursuant to the “UCITS”-regime. “UCITS” is short for “Undertaking for the Collective Investment in Securities”. The UCITS-regime is based on European regulation and contains, among other things, extra safeguards for the investor by means of prescribed forms of risk spreading. The investment strategy of Commodity Discovery Fund already complied with and still complies with this risk spreading, as a result of which the granting of this license does not have any consequences for the investment strategy of the Fund. The big advantage of a license pursuant to the UCITS-regime is that this type of license comes with a so called “European passport”, which means that participations in the Fund may be offered relatively easily in the other countries of the European Union as well as in countries pertaining to the European Economic Area. Click here for more information.